Retiring in Belgium – A Guide For Expats

Members of the group called ‘The BRATS’ (Brussels Retired Expats) joined Alison Turner to discuss their book, “Retiring in Belgium:  A Guide for Expats“.  Ken and Maggie Inglis and Peter Adye were part of the team which contributed their own research and first-hand knowledge of retiring in Belgium, and it’s certainly a complex subject.  Their wide-ranging discussion touches on aspects of retirement which are mentioned in the book – fears of losing motivation, money worries, a reluctance to give up work, a loss of status, changes in the balance of a partnership.



The book is first and foremost a practical tool, featuring useful checklists and asking pertinent questions that might otherwise be overlooked.  It doesn’t give in-depth explanations on issues of taxation or pensions, but it does provide clarification and signposts to experts.  There’s broad advice on investment, currency fluctuations, technology and continuing education in Belgium. And the interview also gives attention to the ‘softer’ aspects of this huge life change – support structures, family considerations, making adjustments if your health deteriorates, and why retiring to the sun might not necessarily be the best decision.


Their message is:  It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement.


Listen to the Podcast HERE


For more information on the book, you can contact the Community Help Service on 02 647 67 80.  Copies cost  15 EUR plus postage. Also available from Waterstone’s, Boulevard Adolphe Max 71-75, 1000 Brussels, and from the Press Shop in Overijse. Funds raised from the sale of the book will support two charities in Belgium which provide support for British expats – the Community Help Service and the British Charitable Fund.

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