Noreen Meets . . . . . . . Peter Ceulemans

In late 1960s, Flanders saw a vivid revival of traditional music and a new generation of Belgian folk musicians was born. Residents of Flanders are spoilt for choice when it comes to live music, whether you like the big auditorium or small folk club you can find it in Flanders. These days House Concerts are becoming very popular in Flanders offering solo musicians and audiences a venue where they are undisturbed by background noise. Radio X reporter, Noreen Donovan, is a fan of these events and it was at such an event that she met singer-songwriter, Peter Ceulemans. Peter Ceulemans first picked up a guitar as a teenager and became hooked on Folk music after a holiday touring around Scotland. In the shadow of Antwerp’s Cathedral he recorded his album Lightkeeper and he told Noreen how his musical journey began and how Lightkeeper, eventually, was born.

Noreen Meets Pete Ceulemans by Radioxbrussels on Mixcloud