Ian, Ian! Turn around and come back the smoke is white

“Ian you need to come back to the studio”

“But I’ve only just left, I havent even got home yet!”

“I know but there is white smoke pouring out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, we need to get back and get on air, the new pope has been chosen”

“On my way, get the coffee on if you get there first”

This is how the conversation went between Ian Beddow and Lee Middleton on Wednesday evening just after 7pm as the world watched the white smoke billowing from the chimey of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Normally at that time we are well into our evening music marathon but the election of a new Pope had the two senior presenters from Radio X scrambling back to the studio.

Yes we are a station that concentrates on news, events and issues from Brussels and its surrounding areas but just occasionally there are world news events that intrigue us all and the deep seated traditional and mysterious nature of the conclave is one such event. If we were being spied on by an alien race and as they were looking on they saw quite literally billions of people covering the planet all on the look out for a smoke signal from a temporary chimney, they would probably think that us mere earthlings were quite mad. Even those here at Radio X who have no interest whatsoever in religion were genuinly intrigued by what was happpening in the worlds smallest country over the course of the last few weeks and we think that is a small but very fair reflection of what the rest of the world was thinking. It may not particularly matter to everyone but what a show!

The one thing about live radio is that things very often happen when you dont expect them but despite that you have to be prepared. This is something we seem to have got used to at Radio X. Every day we receive messages from new listeners or local organisations that have heard about Radio X and want us to help spread their message to the English speaking community. We are very lucky to have a dedicated team of reporters who will head out into the city on a few minutes notice to cover the story that we know you will want to hear about, to speak to the people that we think you should know about and to share the culture and community of one of the worlds most prominent and varied cities. Its what we do and its what we want to keep on doing. In fact lets just say we are ready for anything

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