Noreen meets Nigel Williams

In this edition of Noreen Meets, Radio X reporter Noreen Donovan speaks to Nigel Williams. Nigel Williams is well known to the English speaking expat community in Antwerp due to the popularity of his comedy club, the Stand Up Antwerp Comedy Cellar and due to his regular appearance on the English language TV programme, Fans of Flanders. However, not only is Nigel well known to the English language community of Flanders but also to that of the local Flemish speaking community, having worked for the past 15 years as a Stand Up Comedian in the Flemish language (or as he likes to call it, Dutch with an accent). Bristol born Nigel Williams is the most famous Ex-Pat in Flanders and if you haven’t heard of him yet, get your head out of the sand, put on your head phones and listen to this!



Noreen Meets Nigel Williams by Radioxbrussels on Mixcloud