A Belgian Eye – Episode 97

Our resident Belgian Philippe Persoons takes a look at life through a Belgian Eye.

This week, is Brussels really the new Berlin?

Hello and welcome on a Belgian Eye
There’s no such thing as ‘bad publicity’ … It’s something you know when you are a professional in advertising. The main thing is that people must know your brand, they must know who you are. If no one talks about you, you’re dead, or you might as well be dead.
And Brussels is not dead, on the contrary, the New York Times Style Magazine just proclaimed our capital “the New Berlin”. Our marketing is just gorgeous, last month we sent some guys from Molenbeek to Paris, where they made some fuzz, handing over their businesscards and adding join our next show in Brussels! Ok, sorry this was ment to be a small ironic joke.
Anyhow, I was telling you some weeks ago about the attacks in Paris, the fear from, and for terrorists in Brussels and now this. To be honest, it is a welcome article, for all is never black and white and me to, I like to be in Brussels from time to time.
The magazine talks about artists, upstart architects, independent hoteliers, fashion designers and more. All from across the continent who relocate to Brussels. Brussels’ appeal comes down to both the practical — for Brussels is cheap — and the attitudinal. They love Paris, but find life easier in Belgium. People are open, innovative, Brussels is bit ahead and another draw is its location. Berlin is an island, Brussels is the center: some hours by train from Paris, London, Cologne and Amsterdam.
Ok, there’s no such thing as ‘bad publicity’, but this is really good publicity, … excellent publicity! It makes me proud, proud to be ‘nen Brusseleer’, and proud to be Belgian of course.
To be honest, the article was reported prior to the November 13 attacks, but the New York Times Style Magazine published it in the print edition of December 6, adding that the alert level in the city has since been lowered, and there are no State Department warnings against travel there.
Has Brussels become the new Berlin, or even better than Berlin? Is the New York Times right? Well probably you know the answer. Enjoy it as much as you can! Happy Holidays!
And have a nice day!