:Flock Foods – Vegan Cakes

As we become more educated about food and nutrition, more and more of us are changing our diets. For decades many people have chosen not to eat meat but recently there has been a growing number of people who have chosen to follow a vegan diet, cutting out not only meat but also eggs, milk and milk products. Vegan photographer, Julie Scheurweghs is one of those people who made the switch but wanted to continue to eat sweet, delicious cakes, so started baking vegan style. Julie’s vegan cakes and confectionary were such a success amonst her friends that she began getting orders and decided to start a small, bespoke, business called :Flock Foods. Radio X reporter, Noreen Donovan, went to visit Julie in her kitchen to talk to her about her bakery and to taste one of Julie’s famous chocolate cakes.



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