March – A Month To Look Forward To

Is it just us here at Radio X or is there a definite hint of Spring in the air around Brussels? Aside from all the ‘obvious’ signs that poets have been harping on about for years, bird singing happily in the fresh buds of the trees, flower bulbs tenderly poking through the surface ready to burst into flower (Yeah ok no-one said that radio presenters make good poets!) , there is a definite air of aniticipation. But anticipating what exactly?

Well of course the return of some slightly warmer and less snowy weather but aside from that March is a month when the city of Brussels kicks into the next gear and provides a real variety of what we will loosely describe here as “Good Stuff”.

You may have already seen a recent blog post by Ali B (if not then go and read it when you finish here!) about the upcoming stage version of Calendar Girls about to hit the city. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the play, the big screen version was a suprise hit and the theatre show has already wowed the crowds. Alison Turner will be looking into The Calendar Girls in a bit more detail this week.

From nudity to comedy (although some say these may be intertwined) and another sell out Comedy Night in English is on the horizon at the Theatre Le Bouch a Oreille. The show features 4 brilliant international comedians including the Belgian based UK comic Nigel Williams who has been spotted loitering around out Facebook page this week, does he count as our first celebrity liker? Nigel if you are reading this then thank you for your support.

You may have heard us mention on air about an event being organised by the British Chamber of Commerce to help expats with financial matters. To be honest this looks rather exciting and is quite a unique chance to get up close and personal with some of the most important people in the Country, more about this on the blog next week.

What else are our team upto? Lets rattle off a few of the things that we are working on at the moment in no particular order. The Wednesday Club, The British & Commonwealth Women’s Club of Brussels, The Brussels Greeters, What to do if you are an expat retiring in Belgium, Live sessions in the Radio X Lounge . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To be honest this could go on a while so we shall stop there but if you want to hear about any of those then you are just going to have to listen in.

Talking of listening in, as you know Radio X started of as a small station filling what we see as a vital and missing niche in the Brussels ether. You may have seen pictures of when we moved into our brand new custom built studio a couple of months ago after starting life crammed into small office just to test the waters. We can honestly say we have been overwhelmed by the support that we have received thus far and with more and more people turning on to Radio X every day it has become clear that we need to expand once again. Even we didnt think things would take off as quickly as they have but we want to make sure we can keep up with everything that we want to do to bring you the English language radio station that we know you deserve. That is why this week work has started on a brand new studio facility in downtown Brussels. We want to be even closer to the heartbeat of the cityand to you – the listeners. Watch this space, we have plenty to look forward to together.



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