‘Insufficient’ security at Belgian PM Charles Michel’s office

A Belgian federal police report has warned of “insufficient” security measures at the prime minister’s office, requiring urgent modifications in the coming weeks.

Belgian PM Charles Michel has received a report which claims that it would be too easy for someone with the wrong intentions to gain access to his office building, which is the nerve centre for the Belgian federal government, as well as to the prime minister’s residence, the Lambermont.

Major modifications were being made to security at both buildings in the coming weeks. The nature of the works has not been disclosed as a precaution.

Belgium’s terror threat analysis body Ocam recently downgraded the risk of an attack against the prime minister from level 3 to 2+, meaning Michel is no longer entitled to protection from State Security Service bodyguards.

Michel disagrees with the downgraded threat status and has decided to pay for the bodyguards himself.