Xtra Fresh – Glow

Xtra Fresh

Phase Five is: Nelson Santos from Puerto Rico, Jeremiah Neil from Florida, JayC from Indiana, Lee Brown from the UK, and  Odon Alexander from Belgium. Five young men from across the globe that set out on individual journeys, only to have their paths cross in Los Angeles, where they are now on a mission to fulfill their destiny of entertaining the world.

The group’s first single, Upside Down was released on April 14, with their debut EP, The Rise, not far behind on June 16th. Signed to Parimore entertainment, based in Burbank California, the group are getting ready to release their next single take from that debut EP and we have chosen it as this weeks Xtra Fresh. The question as always – should we play this song on Radio X?

Take a listen to the song below and then tell us what you think by casting your VOTE HERE. You have until midnight on Friday 13th November to place your vote, Lee Middleton will announce the results on Saturday brunch