Most prosperous countries in the world: Where does Belgium rank?

by Luc Steinberg

The index ranking countries in order of prosperity has been revealed for 2015 by the Legatum Institute with Belgium ranking 18th behind Singapore, the world’s best performing economy.

Norway topped the index for the 7th year running, followed by Switzerland (2nd), Denmark (3rd) and New Zealand (4th). Belgium has dropped from 17th place, where it has ranked since 2011 and received its highest sub-index score for Health at 10th.

The world’s largest economy, the US came 11th and the UK placed 15th. Both countries have experienced a significant fall in unemployment since 2010, whereas three of the Nordic countries; Sweden, Denmark and Finland have slipped in economic rankings since last year because of increases in unemployment.

The country with the most improved Prosperity Index ranking is Indonesia, jumping 21 places since 2014, mainly because of rising Economy and Entrepreneurship and Opportunity sub-indexes. See the full findings here.

The report grades countries based on 8 criteria. Check Belgium’s sub-index rankings below.

Economy – 23rd
Entrepreneurship Opportunity – 24th
Governance – 17th
Education – 21st
Health – 10th
Safety and Security – 20th
Personal Freedom – 20th
Social Capital – 20th

Countries ranked 1st based on a sub-index score.
Economy – Singapore
Entrepreneurship Opportunity – Sweden
Governance – Switzerland
Education – Australia
Health – United States
Safety and Security – Hong Kong
Personal Freedom – Canada
Social Capital – New Zealand