Cryptic Street

Only Alternative host Owen Stafford speaks to all female, all original, award winning alternative act Cryptic Street. Hailing from Malta they have just released their simply awesome debut EP, called “Stranger”, which incorporates sounds as diverse as the Cure-esque feel of “Fumes” through to the exotic Maltese track “Kula Lejla”. Band members were in Brussels as part a promotional tour and they took time out of their hectic schedule to pay Owen a visit at City studios. In a very informative and highly entertaining chat they discussed the themes dealt with in their songs, such as alienation from today’s society; being an all female act in a scene dominated by male bands – and why more women are needed in rock!; also the need to be original as well the amazing art work on this amazing debut EP. Their Stranger EP is out on Amazon, itunes and Google Play music.
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