Xtra Fresh – Never Stop Waiting For You

Xtra Fresh

Named after his scientific knowledge of music but with a twist of recklessness thrown in, ‘The Rebel Scientist’ is a songwriter and producer who learned his craft by touring the world as guitarist to some of the biggest names in music. As songwriter and producer he has written for artists including Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson and The Game

His debut EP ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ has just been released and it is a story about his love affair with music since he was a child. It  speaks about his trials and tribulations and his passion whist trying to ‘make it’ in the music industry. he album fuses together a mix of live instruments with electronic synths, drums and lot of imagination. We have chosen the track “Never Stop Waiting For You” as this weeks Xtra Fresh track and it features the vocals of James Vickery. Should we play it on Radio X? You decide!
Take a listen to the song below and then tell us what you think by placing your VOTE HERE. Voting is open until Midnight on Friday 6th November, Lee Middleton will announce the results the following day on Weekend Brunch