There was an English woman, an Irish woman and a Double Decker Bus

No its not the start of the worlds worst joke but its what happened in Antwerp this week. High street retailer Marks & Spencers are reportedly going to be opening a store there soon however the reason we ended up there was to get a glimpse of the new fashion collection and to meet the designer on board a Double Decker bus (Promise that we are not making this up!) You can hear the interview  on Tuesday (26th Feb) on Radio X.

Also coming your way this week we have a brand new lowdown from BELO and an interview with a very talented Irish singer / songwriter by the name of Daithi Rua (We’re betting you pronounced that wrong!).

Now how boring would the week be if we didnt tell you we have something new coming your way? Well we have always tried never to dissappoint so here are a couple of things to look out for

The Brussels Business Briefing with Cristina Burca – If you are an Ex-pat trying to run or start a business in the Brussels area then help is at hand. Our business correspondant Cristina Burca brings you a weekly rap up of business and finance news as well as interview with some of the most prominent people from the local busness community. Hear Cristina on Sunday Mornings at 07:30 and then on The Breakfast and Hometime show on Monday.

The Radio Xplorer – We are not exactly planning world domination here but why shouldnt we shout about Radio X? We rather like it and hope that you do to. With that thought in mind we have sent the Radio Xplorer Chris Dickens out into the world to spread the good word about Radio X. Chris will feature on Lee Middletons Sunday Brunch show but you will also be able to catch him on the podcast page.

What else have we been talking about this week? Well there was a couple of Oscars

Oscar 1 – Surname Pistorious , has been dominating the news this week following on from the death of his girlfriend at their home on Valentines day.

Oscar 2 – Surname Little Gold Statue, the highlight of the film industrys year is litterally just starting as we tap away on the keyboard. We were going to draw lots to see who was going to stay up all night to cover it for Radio X but then Ali B stepped forward and volunteered before we even asked the question. Ali is a bit of a movie buff and has rather been looking forward to staying up all night at tweeting all the gossip as she lounges on the red rug at Bushnell Towers. Ali will be writing a blog post all about the Oscars for us so keep checking back.





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