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We are feeling very cultured here at Radio X this week. We have always said we want to do our best to get involved in the Brussels culture and bring it direct to you in the English Language and that is exactly what we have been doing

Movie Culture

As you probably know its the 29th International Mons Film Festival this week. The event is showcasing films from all over the world with several being more accessible to us with English subtitles. Radio X managed to grab an exclusive interview (the only one he is doing in English) with internationally acclaimed and multi award winning director Radu Mih?ileanu, born in war torn Romania before moving to Paris to pursue his love of the theatre. It soon became clear that film was the future for Radu and some 20 years later he has Oscar nominations, Golden Globe nominations and Awards from Cannes and Sundance toshow for his hard work. Listen in for a 1 hour special on Radio X on Tuesday (19th Feb) from 1800 as we play you the interview in full and of course it will be on the podcast page as well.

Music Culture

We have had so many bands from in and around Brussels get in touch with us over the last couple of weeks. There are some really, really brilliant musicians right on our doorstep just waiting for that extra little bit of exposure. Thats where Radio X comes in! Have a listen out for some of these bands over the next few weeks, The Ohios, The Tigers of Eden, The Andrew Mavin Project. Just a small selection of musicians who have got in touch with the X and we are going to featuring very soon live in the Radio X Lounge.

Club Culture

Brussels is famous the world over for its nightlife and we thought it was about time we had a piece of the action. We are delighted to welcome 2 brand new shows starting this Friday (22nd Feb) on Radio X. Starting off your weekend from 2100 will be Little 15, one of the Londons hottest properties and someone who has very close family ties with our city, his dad lived here until very recently. 15 (as he is affectionately known) will be playing 2 hours of the coolest and funkiest house music you are ever likely to hear. From 2300 we turn the tempo up a little bit more as we also welcome on board Dave D, a long time resident DJ for the Ministry of Sound in the UK and now ready to show Europe what he has got with an exclusive mix just for you on Radio X. Fridays just got Funky!

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