Back to school, dancing at lunchtime and all that Jazz

Have you ever put your feet up at the end of the week and thought “Wow, how did we squeeze all that in!” Pretty much the thoughts of just about everyone here at Radio X HQ this week. Hectic, manic, exhausting, coffee fueled, all ways of describing the last 7 days in Brussels.

So what have you been up to I hear you yell?

Lunch Beat – What a brilliant idea this is. A group of Swedes got together a couple of years ago and thought ‘I know lets have a party during our lunch hour’ and Lunch Beat was born. Its now here in Brussels and we thought we would pop along and see what all the fuss was about. Wow! 200 people crammed into the Thon Hotel, eating, drinking and dancing. Tune in on Tuesday as we have got a few great interviews to play you right the wat throughout the day.

British School of Brussels – We were very lucky to be invited to a very special evening at the iconic Comic Strip Museum a the British School of Brussels said ‘ Thank You ‘ to all of its teachers, trustees, fundraisers and supporters. Once again there was more food and drink involved (its a hard life but someone has to do it!) and it gave Radio X the chance to talk to some truly fascinating people. From the nephew of one of the schools founders to the teachers and the principal of the school. We even managed to spend a few minutes with the British Ambassador to Belgium. A very enjoyable night and we are going to share our experience with a special programme on Tuesday evening at 1800.

We have had a great response to the latest additions to our programming line up this week as well. This week saw the Brussels debut of A Way With Words, a brilliant word based show picking apart the English language. Did you know why we type the letter ‘i’ as a capital? Neither did we untill this we listened to the show. We also welcome onboard one of the finest Blues shows on the globe, At The Crossroads. Direct from the snowy hills of Canada Brant Zwicker plays contemporary and classic Blues from across the genre as you put your feet up on a Sunday night, as we blog away the first show is only a couple of hours away and boy do we need to put our feet up!

Now talking of relaxing on a Sunday night we are excited to tell you about another brilliant show to join the line up here on Radio X on a Sunday evening, Best Smooth Jazz. Hosted by Rod Lucas and coming to us direct from London, you can hear Best Smooth Jazz every Sunday straight after at the Crossroads at 2100. You can find out more about the show on our Presenters & Shows page.

Looking ahead to next week we are quite excited that Wednesday is World Radio Day. To celebrate we are heading out onto the streets of the city so if you are wandering around you may very well bump into Paul, Alison, Karen or Noreen. We cant tell you too much about what we are going to be doing but it will be well worth a listen we’re sure!

Thanks for checking the blog and dont forget to share Radio X with your friends, colleagues and anyone else who may just want to enjoy a radio station who do things 100% in the English language. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well, get in touch and get involved. Email

Have a Great Week

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