Lunch Beat at the Thon Hotel

Thursday, on a cold February lunchtime we visited a “Lunchbeat” event, originally started in Sweden, and simply a very cool concept – it sort of says it all in the name, ‘lunch’, and ‘beat’… Take your average working lunch and turn it into something rather different, adding music, lots of people and a place to dance in a darkened room with swish fancy club lighting effects and a thumping sound system and DJ for an hour or so. And, because it’s lunchtime, you get what they call a ‘healthy sandwich and a non alcoholic drink’ too. A sold-out event, some 200 people turned up at the Thon Hotel just off Rue de La Loi in Brussels to eat, meet, dance and re-hydrate! Some 200 more were sadly advised (prior to the event) that all tickets had been snapped up – organised by The Expatrium and powered by Deezer. Radio X’s Paul Heath took a look at how it worked and spoke to a few of the international crowd that showed up to get their perspective.


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