Radio X has got the Blues

You might remember a few weeks ago we were asking if there were  any particular types of show that you would like to hear on Radio X.

Well one of the most popular suggestions was a show about Blues. Blues music comes in so many shapes and styles and making sure we got our hands on something that showcased everything that was great about the Blues was no mean feat! In fact we ended up in Canada and found a show that is so passionate about the Blues that it virtually jumps out of the speakers.

Radio X is very pleased to announce the newest addition to our Programme Schedule




Hosted by Brant Zwicker, you can take a journey into the Blues whilst relaxing away the final hours of the weekend every Sunday at 20:00. Brant has been a proffesional broadcaster for close to 25 years and is thrilled to be able to share his show with us and bring the Blues to the heart of Europe. To add that little touch of sparkle to the cake the first show you hear on Radio X  (February 10th) will be a 10th Anniversary special of At The Crossroads, which goes to show just how good this programme is, hope you can join us Sunday at 8pm.

(Pictured: Host Brant Zwicker)

2 comments on “Radio X has got the Blues

  1. Greetings, Radio Xers! Thank you for the wonderful introduction to the programming at Radio X…I think I am still blushing! I am truly thrilled to be working with you, and here’s to many more anniversary shows to come!


  2. You are right! Much loved here and Brant is a local institution for any blues events that come to town. You will all love this!!!! – Marg

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