BookALokal – The Original Interview

Expat in Brussels, Evelyne White, launched the first version of a new website on Monday 15th October 2012. helps guests seeking a local food experience, find hosts willing to offer homecooked meals, food tours or cooking lessons. Guests range from travellers passing through town to newcomers and expats looking to meet locals over a meal. Hosts range from people who love to cook and enjoy entertaining interesting people, to aspiring chefs wanting to showcase their skills while earning some extra money along the way. Evelyne talked to reporter Alison Turner about this new opportunity to meet new people through a food experience, and her hopes for the website to gain a global following shortly before launching the business

Listen to the podcast HERE

NB The follow up to this interview is also availbable on the podcast page as we track Evelyne and the progress of the business over the first 2 months.

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