Alliance For YOUth

Whilst the scourge of youth unemployment continues to blight the EU, one business driven intiative launched by Nestle in 2014 has been bearing fruit in tackling the issue. It’s called the “Alliance for YOUth” and involves other well known companies such as Facebok, Google, AXA plus many many more – upto 200 companies in fact are a part of the programme. It started out with the aim of creating 100,000 jobs and training programmes for young people over 3 years through to 2017. After the first year results have been much better than expected, with over 50,000 such positions already being created. These figures were highlighted at an event organised by the Alliance for YOUth in the European Parliament, featuring EU Employment Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, MEPS as well as representatives from youth groups and large multinational companies. Owen Stafford, who has covered many previous events concerning youth employment issues went along to find out more and spoke with Nestle Executive Vice President Luis Cantarell, Bulgarian MEP Eva Paunova as well as interns who have benefitted from this initiative.”
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